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Specialist Driveway Installers, Drive Cleaning and Repairs. 34 Holywell Crescent, Braithwell, Rotherham. S66 7AG Home 01709 818831 Mobile 07799336691
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Tarmac Restoration
Over time tarmac fades and loses its bitumen binder, moss starts to grow, breaking down the surface of the drive, causing pitting and crumbling especially in shaded areas and around the edges of the drive leaving the owner to consider an expensive replacement.
We can repair most driveways at a fraction of the cost of replacement by cleaning, repairing the affected areas and coating the surface with a specially formulated bitumen tarmac sealant in matt black or red.
Your drive will look as good as new, protecting and enhancing the look of your property for years to come.
Tarmac Refurbishment
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